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February 26, 2005 by paxx
What was already in my opinion the best desktop search engine on the market got even better with the recent release of version 1.5.

New Features: Mozilla Thunderbird and Eudora email search Smart indexing of network drives Improved metadata indexing for pictures, music and videos New information pane listing additional categories with matching results Buttons to instantly seek to highlighted search terms Previewing of found pictures, music, videos a...
February 19, 2005 by paxx
I want to know if there is a software that can slow down my Internet speed so it can simulate a modem. I'm on cable and when I make web sites, I'd like to be able to feel first hand how slow the sites are for modem uses. Is there a software I can install that would allow me to temporarily do that?
July 21, 2003 by paxx
What is the Skinnerz Gallery?
It's the place where you can see the picture of your fellow skinner, developper, or any active participant of the skinning community. Well, any who bothered to send us their picture, that is.
Always been curious to see what this or that person looked like? Now is your chance to find out! Click on the link below and bookmark the site!

You don't want to be left out? What are you waiting for? Send us your picture so others can have a laugh looking at your mu...
January 5, 2002 by paxx
Charcoal, a new site skin that I made for Wincustomize is now available.
To apply it, go into Edit Account (or follow the link below), and towards the bottom of the page, in the Web Viewing Preferences, select "Charcoal by Paxx" under the Theme dropdown menu.

Hope you like it. Enjoy!